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Oprettet: 19. september 2020

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Clara Prats

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Associate professor, University of Copenhagen






With frustration and fear I write this reply to your plans. I have grown up downtown Barcelona and lived in the last 19 years in several neighbourhoods in Copenhagen. From Østerbro to Nordvest, including Nørrebro and downtown. I have never experienced as much noise and chaos as while living in the intersection Valby Langgade with Toftegårds allé. We can’t open the windows towards the street at any time of the day if we are to hear each other, listen to music, read, or watch a movie. We can’t open the windows to the street in the night if we want to sleep. This intersection is so noisy that the only way we can survive is to open the windows to the other side, to the yard. The only way to get any peace is to be in our nice garden and our new balcony, where we can look out at some green and have some sense of rest. I am shocked and frightened to hear about the plan to build a four story building in the middle of our backyard to house a kinder-garden and a dormitory for young students. Valby center is overtaken by cars, very loud motorcycles and trucks speeding and driving on top of the walk-side to turn left toward toftegårds allé. Bikes and cars driving on the side-walk, this is what we have to teach our kids to look out for when they step out the door. In our building, two families with small kids are moving out due to the noise and lack of quality spaces for kids. With your plan, you will push many more families out of Valby. If we can’t open the windows out to the yard, sit in our balconies or enjoy our garden because it is constantly taken by screaming kid playing or young students partying, we will all have to move away. And then, what is the point of a new kinder-garden if families are pushed out of the city? I understand the need of housing for students and kinder-gardens, but I think it is unacceptable to set it in the middle of our inner yard, the only space that makes down town Valby bearable. 

Clara Prats

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