Oprettet: 22. september 2020

Indsendt af

Mikael Bonde

Virksomhed / organisation

Grundejerforeningen Valby Have






We believe that the new development will significantly increase the traffic in the area. Currently there are three gate ways to the area (Ib Schønbergs vej, Kirsten Walthers vej , Ramsingsvej ). It seems to us that the traffic load from Ib Schønbergs alle will be diverted through Valby Have and Clara Pontopiddans vej ( not only during  opening hours of day care institution , but throughout the day) posing a serious traffic load to Valby Have and especially to the only playground of the area.  We ask for an independent  traffic simulation analysis during different hours of  the day- based on realistic number of cars for the new residences ( 1 per apartment as a minimum ), based on which we would like to discuss protective measures (road bumps, partly closed roads , fencing of park, etc) at the expenses of the adjacent development.

We are concerned that the new development is focusing on developing a maximum number of apartments at the expense of open space. The only open space that the new development offers is at the interiors of the courtyards of blocks 2 to 5 , which we do not believe are going to be genuine public spaces due to size (the blocks are 1/3 of a typical Copenhagen perimeter block as seen in Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Frederiksberg and ½ the size of traditional Valby blocks) and to poor lighting conditions. The idea of “zipping” public spaces together from north to south through the blocks  (FL Smith campus to block 1 daycare institution) is in our opinion naïve and does not constitute public space, when one is lead through semi private courtyards .  Simply the noise nuisance from non-residents will eventually lead to residents to close the gateways and turn their courtyards into private.

The above wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t mean an imminent overloading of the only true public space in the neighborhood , Clara Pontopiddans park.  The park is already filled today with inhabitants of Valby Have. What will happen when 75,000 m2 total size of apartments will be de facto users of the same space? How will the noise nuisance affect Valby Have? Will there be too many kids claiming the same play zones? We wonder how it is possible for a new development of this size to not predict a truly open urban space to cater to its own inhabitants,  in a similar way that Valby Have has ? We agree sharing is caring, and we are willing and happy to share, but we are concerned that the amount of people will overwhelm our park.

Ramsingsvej is considered a skybrud channel in the new masterplan. At the same time , the design of the blocks consider ground level apartments at pavement level ( similar to Maskinefabrik) .  Charming as this idea might seem, there is an obvious contradiction to urban behavior( levende kantzoner) and urban safety strategies . We can’t help wondering how the new apartments will be affected in a case of heavy rain and how will Valby Have might be affected as a consequence of potentially insufficient rainwater control strategy?

The above comments are from our external advisor and reflect our concerns.


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