Høringssvar vedrørende Organisering af Fremtidens Fritidstilbud

Oprettet: 1. maj 2015

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Jeffrey Riese






Dronen Fritidshjem for Sølgade School

The Dronen Fritidshem is a great afterschool program that our daughter loves. She comes home and tells us about about the fun projects that she has done with her friends and the staff. Everyday is something exciting. There are so many different types of activities and projects for the kids. The outside play area is an amazing space that lets the kids run free and explore. It is so important for the youth living in the city to have room to get good physical activity.

It would be terrible if Dronen were to close down and have the kids move to Klerkagade or Brandstationen. I have visited both of these locations and they are much smaller and do not have anywhere near the same amount of outside space the children to play.

The bond that our daughter has formed with the staff at Dronon is very strong. She feels safe and close with everyone and changing this structure would be a shame.

I sincerely hope that you will listen to all of the parents who appose this change. We all feel very strongly and will fight to keep Dronen open.

Thank you very much,

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